Strange Realities 2019
Strange Realities 2019
Have an epic time and expand your reality!

Expand your reality!

BigFoot. Ghosts. UFO’s. Music.



The Conspirinormal Podcast is proud to present the 2019 Strange Realities Conference. This one day Conference will feature experts in the fields of UFOs, Bigfoot, and the Paranormal. We’ll also have live music to close out the proceedings. Please join us for a fantastic day of learning and uplifting music.


host of the pioneering paranormal podcast Binnall of America

Tim Binnall

Tim Binnall is the news editor for Coast to Coast AM as well as the host of the pioneering paranormal podcast Binnall of America. For more than a decade and over the course of hundreds of BoA programs, he has interviewed a vast array of researchers, spanning a wide spectrum of paranormal genres and ranging from bonafide esoteric icons to up-and-coming future players in 'the field.' A graduate of Syracuse University, Binnall aims to maintain an outsider's perspective on the paranormal world with a distinct appreciation for its absurdities and a keen interest in the personalities and sociology of esoteric studies.



Joshua Cutchin
Email: None


Author. Musician. Husband.
North Carolina born, Wisconsin educated, Georgia transplanted.


Prior to pursuing his dream of becoming a full-time author and musician in 2015, Joshua Cutchin served as Public Affairs Director of the University of Georgia Hugh Hodgson School of Music for three years. During his tenure at UGA, Joshua authored over one hundred articles, press releases, and blog posts.

Joshua has appeared on a wide variety of paranormal programs discussing his work, including Coast to Coast AM, Mysterious Universe, Binnall of America, Expanded Perspectives, Radio Misterioso, and the Gralien Report. 

He is a recurring roundtable guest on the Where Did the Road Go? podcast, and made his public speaking debut at the December 2015 MUFON Georgia meeting.



Joe Dimare


Computer Scientist. Inventor.

Joe Dimare

Joe Dimare is a proud father and an inventor at heart. He’s always 28 years old and professes to be an overjoyed college drop-out. Primarily being self taught, Joe likes to experiment and push the limits of reality. Judging from his website, he thinks that he has cracked the elusive paranormal code. This technology, Joe claims, can help a person stay in touch with passed on loved ones and possibly fuel a new kind of conscious Artificial Intelligence. He says. “I hope i’m helping evolution move forward.”



Guy Malone
Email: GuyMalone@Gmaildotcom


Roswell Author, Lecturer, Iconoclast, Trouble-Maker

Guy Malone

Guy Malone runs the website and, various other UFO-related outlets (such as “Live from Roswell”, the website “”, which “[o]ffers Biblically-based articles and videos on the UFO/Alien topic, and testimonies of abductions stopping in Jesus’ name”, and the book Come Sail Away: UFO Phenomenon & the Bible – website for the book here. Malone is a “childhood experiencer of visitations and possible ‘abduction,’” who in the 1990s “began studying the phenomena from a Bible perspective.” In 1999, he moved to Roswell, New Mexico, to get closer to the source of the alleged phenomena.



Strange Familiars

Stories and interviews about the paranormal, cryptids, forgotten history, folklore, and more.

timothy renner

Timothy Renner is an illustrator, author, and folk musician living in Pennsylvania. His illustrations have appeared in the pages of various books, magazines, fanzines and comics as well as on many record and CD covers. Since 1995, Timothy has been making music both solo and with his band, Stone Breath. Timothy is the creator of "Strange Familiars", a podcast concerning the paranormal, weird history, folklore and the occult. He makes regular appearances on the paranormal radio show, "Where Did the Road Go?", and has appeared as a guest on many other podcasts and radio programs, including "Coast to Coast AM".



Englishman, with one foot in Illinois, Author, Paranormal/History Researcher, Amateur Musician, and all-round good bloke!

Mark Anthony Wyatt

Born into a haunted historic gunpowder works in the Tillingbourne Valley of south-east England, Mark Anthony Wyatt cut his paranormal teeth on his dad’s traumatic ghostly encounter on the site, thereby setting the stage for his own other-worldly experiences, and a life-long interest in the paranormal.

Mark’s widely varied life experiences have been the stepping stones that led him down the long road to writing ‘Haunted Cornwall: The Mysteries, History, Legends and ‘Lore.’ Late in to his 50s now, Mark has added an unexpected bow to his quiver by becoming a fully fledged folklorist.



writer, speaker, blogger

Zack Hunt

Zack is a writer, speaker, and blogger living in Nashville, TN. When he’s not trying to perfect his backyard BBQ skills, Zack writes about the intersection of faith and politics. Along with his personal blog, Zack has written for a wide variety of outlets including Huffington Post, Christianity Today, World Vision, Red Letter Christians, Relevant Magazine, Ministry Matters, and CWR Magazine.

You can keep up with him here on the blog or follow him on FacebookTwitterInstagram, or all three.




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Sat, Oct 19, 2019

10 AM – 11 PM



Live Ghost

Possible alien with child. Best viewed on an iPhone.

Possible alien with child. Best viewed on an iPhone.

Expect to see a live demonstration of new Paranormal Imaging Technology developed by Joe Dimare. He claims to have a new technique that allows for the common man to see ghosts and UFO’s using an advanced cell phone camera app. His tutorial will help you learn how to do it when you go out investigating!

Flat Earth Theory

Tim Binnall will have a fascinating lecture on the Rise and Fall of the Flat Earth Theory.

A NEW Approach on Roswell


Not a weather balloon, not an alien spacecraft? What facts could be so terrifying as to warrant the cover-up and secrecy attended to the Roswell Incident - clandestine operations so morally repugnant that a Post-WWII government would prefer U.S. citizens think that the government was lying to them, than to reveal the ugliest truths of all?

Malone posits that an alien spacecraft was not being covered up, but rather that an alien spacecraft was the cover up. His presentation rests largely on eye-witness testimony, government records not released until decades later, and quotes from today's published Roswell researchers, and is known as "the most challenging, alternate view proposed yet for the Roswell UFO Crash of July 1947."

"It's all just the mischief of elves"

Mark Anthony Wyatt will discuss Cornish Legends, UFO sightings over GCHQ (UK/US 'secret' facility), The Other-Worldly Nature of Mermaids, and the true personal account of a ghostly surfer .

Alien Hybrid Lore

Joshua Cutchin’s talk is titled:

STOCK & TRADE: Expressions of the Changeling Stock Motif in Alien Hybrid Lore


Timothy Renner will talk about the 1920-21 Pennsylvania "gorilla" flap.

CO-Presentation on BigFoot

WHERE THE FOOTPRINTS END with JOSHUA CUTCHIN & TIMOTHY RENNER: High Strangeness and Folklore in Bigfoot Sightings.

Live Question & Answer Panel

Get your questions ready. All the speakers throughout the day will come together at the end of the night giving you the chance to question them about their presentations and such.

Our great host, Adam Sayne will be taping the Q&A session for his famous Conspirinormal Podcast. So, speak-up, you might get some air-time.

If you have a question that can’t wait, please don’t hesitate to reach out vie email. Their email addresses are above the corresponding photos on this page.


Live Music

There will be a few talented bands playing music to finish out the night in style. We are taking song requests. First come first serve. Talk to Adam.



Nobody leaves empty handed. We’ll have something you can take home.

  1. We are handing out a free desk flag that commemorates the event. The first 100 guests will get one.

  2. The first ten ticket holders to walk through the door will get an Extra Surprise Gift that is only made in Nashville.

  3. There will be free candy, soda, water, and even Music!


We will be taking a break for Dinner.

The nearby restaurants we recommend are :

Soon to be announced!

We suggest making a reservation in advance to avoid a long wait time.


If you’re coming from out of town and need a place to stay we recommend:

Country Inn & Suites by Radisson,
Nashville Airport East, TN

Phone: 615-277-1099

We have a group rate for this hotel.

You need to say your with the
Strange Realities Conference

ask for the $139 room rate

available from Oct 18th to 21st.
Fri, Sat, Sun, and Mon

3423 Percy Priest Dr, Nashville, TN 37214 MAP!

We suggest booking your room in advance before Oct 5th

Strange Realities Conference 2019
— Brought to you by The Conspirinormal Team
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